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Research Projects

We are a multi-disciplinary research team based in the UK and India. We have been working together since 2017 to conduct research into sustainability for global supply chains. Our aim is to inspire industry, inform policy makers and influence society.

We have investigated a range of global supply chains, with a key focus on fashion and textiles. We have received funding from the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council and the British Academy to support our work. We have collaborated with a range of international and local brands, retailers, industry groups and non governmental organisations during our research activities. You can read more about our individual research projects using the links in the menu.

We have published reports, academic papers and blogs. We have held events in the UK and internationally, recorded videos, podcasts and animations to help engage audiences in our research and ideas. We have also developed teaching resources for schools, university students and businesses. You can access our free to use resources in the resources area.

Our research mission at The University of Leeds is to produce and disseminate world-class research, to increase knowledge, skills, understanding and impact. As a research-intensive Russell Group institution, our research power, size and diversity mean that we are able to offer interdisciplinary opportunities, both across the University and with a wealth of international partners. Our team share a passion for excellence.