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International Supply Chains

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Modern supply chains are complex. While it is possible to map a supply chain for a particular product or category of product, mapping the whole supply chain for an organisation or sector is very complex due to its diversity, its constantly changing structure and an inherent tendency for opaqueness. What does this mean for identifying, addressing and reducing the risk of modern slavery within an organisation’s supply chain?


Modern slavery and business

Often modern slavery is thought of as an issue that happens overseas, yet it occurs in a number of sectors within the UK too. In this episode, Dr Matthew Davis and Professor Hinrich Voss discuss what businesses need to know about modern slavery. Listen to the episode: Modern Slavery & Business

Understanding SME engagement with the modern slavery acts

In this episode, Professor Hinrich Voss (Leeds University Business School) and Dr Dave Webb (University of Western Australia) discuss modern slavery and how it affects SMEs, including both Australian and UK legislation. Listen to the episode: Understanding SME engagement with the modern slavery acts


Addressing Modern Slavery in Global Value Chains

In this blog Prof. Hinrich Voss and Dr Matthew Davis explain what modern slavery is, how the UK's modern slavery act is changing expectations and requirements for businesses. They discuss how businesses can engage with the UN SDGs.

Read the full blog post: Addressing Modern Slavery in Global Value Chains – (


International supply chains: compliance and engagement with the Modern Slavery Act

This paper summarises research to understand how businesses in the fashion and textile industry engage with the reporting requirements of Section 54 of the UK Modern Slavery Act. The analysis shows increasing compliance with the Act, however, a significant share of fashion and textile businesses have not reported on their actions or have only filed a statement once. Download the paper:

Pulling the thread: engagement with the UK Modern Slavery Act from a global fashion and textile industry perspective

This two-page report describes the level of awareness of the UK Modern Slavery Act across fashion supply chains and outlines recommendations to improve the Act's influence on businesses.  Download the report: