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Stories from the Makers of Your Clothes

We don’t often think about the people who makes our clothes. But even a simple cotton t-shirt tells a complex story of hundreds of workers involved in a long, global supply chain.

Cotton is grown in over 80 countries, in places like Australia, the USA, Senegal, Mali and Pakistan. Yarn, fabrics and garments are produced in countries like Turkey, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China and Sri Lanka.

Cotton’s Hidden Stories is a project that brings the workers’ voice to our discussions about clothes and fashion. These voices come from India, a place with a long history of producing textiles and fashion that are consumed in the U.K.

Farmers, spinners, knitters, dyers and tailors are just some of the voices telling their stories; stories about their lives and their families, and stories about the journeys your clothes make from the cotton fields to you. Each worker has different story to tell.

Will these stories change the way you think about your clothes and the fashion industry?

Cotton’s Hidden Voices: Video stories from the makers of your clothes

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Cotton hidden voices: stories from the makers of your clothes

Cotton's Hidden Stories - Books to Download

Cotton's Hidden Voices - visual book

Download a copy of our visual book telling the story of the makers of your clothes.

Kian and Cotton Boll - A children's book

Download a copy of our children's story book in Hindi.